I’m Still Here!!!

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I will be updating the site shortly!  I am organizing my life, and then I will be making this one of the best Natalie sites out there! :)


If you are interested in co-webbing with me, please send me an e-mail!

Updates Updates Updates… Coming Soon!

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Hey all!  I will have a ton of updates soon!  Right now I’m working on a very sophisticated organized layout that will make it easier for me to feel in control, haha.  (Also, I have worked A TON the past few hours at a job that I have, so I’m so tired and have no time to do anything but sleep!)  Anyways, once that is done, I will be updating more.  Sorry for the wait, but just know that I’m here and kicking, lol.

Natalie Set To Discuss Film “A Powerful Noise” After Screening

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Sometimes small actions have massive consequences.

That’s the thrust of “A Powerful Noise,” a new documentary from Unify Films and director Tom Cappello, that chronicles the lives of three seemingly ordinary women in Vietnam, Mali and Bosnia.

Hanh, a Vietnamese woman with HIV, works to prevent AIDS and destigmatize its sufferers. These women have known great heartbreak, yet refuse to give in to poverty, disease and hate.

“A Powerful Noise” will be shown in dozens of local movie theaters on one night only, March 5, in conjunction with hundreds of cinemas around the nation. The event is sponsored by CARE and an impressive coalition of international aid groups, and concludes with a live town hall meeting held in New York City but simulcast to the local theaters.

During the post-film discussion, Chicago-area audiences will be able text their questions to panelists — including former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, activist/model Christy Turlington Burns and actress Natalie Portman — as they discuss the role of women in the fight against global poverty.

“CARE has evolved over its 64 years into being an organization that targets women and children, because they are most marginalized in this world,” Davies said. “It’s the women and children who, when given the tools, thrive and survive.”

You can read the rest of the article here.
For more information on the event, you can go to APowerfulNoise.org.

The Rumor Mill : Natalie & Her Men

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It’s always news when Natalie meets a new man. Whether it be meets and just talks, or meets and something more. Although not at all the most important thing to discuss about Natalie, it is always quite interesting to hear about the rumors concerning her love life.

Before we get into it, one of the best cameos in Zoolander involves Natalie Portman telling the camera that she thinks, if anything, Zoolander was too good-looking to date. But in real life, she really doesn’t have a problem dating really good-looking dudes. Per WhosDatedWho, the list includes Hayden Christensen, Gael Garcia Bernal, Nathan Rothschild and glamerama-dingdong Devendra Banhart (not classically good-looking, but rocker eccentricity bumps him up a bit). And now, according to Just Jared, you can add Rodrigo Santoro to that list (check out the article just to see who’s making this love affair triangular).

Where do you know the name Rodrido Santoro from? Good question, Aguado. Are you familiar with the “enigmatic chief designer,” Karl, from Love, Actually? You know that one who Laura Linney gets so hot-and-bothered for that she briefly contemplates abandoning her loony toons brother for? OK. Are you familiar with the show Lost? Remember that incredibly annoying couple? Not Rose and Bernard. The annoying couple from the third season, the conman and conwoman? He was the incredibly annoying conman Paulo. Not a fan of Lost? OK. He played Xerxes in 300. In real life, he’s not a 7-foot tall, hairless demigod. Just your regular, 6’2″ Brazilian model.

You can read the rest of the article here.

A source tells the magazine that Portman and hot Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro have been dating quietly “for about a month.” The source goes on to say that they are keeping a low profile but that her friends think he’s “a very sweet guy.”

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling has also been pursuing the pint size Closer actress after splitting up with his long-time girlfriend Rachel McAdams . Says the source, “Ryan’s been texting her all the time and asking her to hang out. Nothing has happened between them yet, but he certainly hopes it will.” Natalie and Ryan reportedly met when she attended an event Ryan was deejaying at LA club Bardot a few weeks ago.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Amidst the many rumors claiming Natalie Portman has a crush on Robert Pattinson after meeting him at the 81st Annual Academy Awards on February 22, the “Twilight” heartthrob himself confesses he is “really fascinated by the grace and beauty of” the actress. Both stars, according to various sources, met again after the prestigious awards show at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, which was held later that day.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Gallery Update: Over 100 Photos of Natalie @ the 81st Annual Academy Awards

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I’ve add over a hundred photos from the Oscars.  Expect tons more from this event and others as the weekend progresses!  I’ll also add the hilarious clip of Natalie and Ben Stiller when they presented together at the show.  Keep checking back!

x138 Natalie @ the 81st Annual Academy Awards

New Owner @ Adoring Natalie Portman

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Hi all, Laura & Sarika have chosen to give me this amazing website to look after here on out.  I’ll make this short because I have sooo much to start updating!  Basically, I literally adore Natalie Portman, I believe that she stands up for all of the right things and that she is a wonderful actress as well.  I’ll be adding TONS of photos throughout the night, and hopefully a new layout will come as well (though this one is absolutely gorgeous!).  In the meantime, be sure to check out my other site: Emile Hirsch Web!

Cannes – fAR’s Cinema Against AIDS

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Natalie looked so pretty attending the fAR’s Cinema Against AIDS event at Cannes yesterday. She wore a different dress this time, which kind of reminded me of a swan. What do you think? I added over 100 images from the event to the gallery, as well as 50 HQ images to the Che movie premiere gallery. Enjoy!