Portman to smoke up screen in next role

Mar 6 • by Camilla • Comments OffBest Buds

As a straight-A student at Harvard, Natalie Portman obviously didn’t smoke weed every day, but her newest film will show audiences that she isn’t biased against women having a little fun with their friends and a plant named cannabis.

Portman recently teamed up with screenwriter Jamie Denbo on Best Buds, a film which Portman will star in and produce under her production company Handsomecharlie Films.

The movie follows a group of female friends as they try to prevent Portman’s character from suffering a nervous breakdown the night before her wedding. Instead of focusing on the irrational emotions that have constituted female identities in comedies such as Knocked Up, the girls chill out on a road trip to San Diego by smoking copious amounts of weed.

“I just wished there was a movie where women got to be funny. Not just a group of ragtag funny guys and the hot girl,” Denbo told Jezebel.com in February. “Everyone has a cause. Some people have cancer, some have literacy. Mine is proving that women smoke weed, too.”

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